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Вопросы и ответы

  • What behaviors does Barks No More work for?
    Any behavior you’re around for can be fixed with the Barks No More! This includes: barking, digging, chewing, jumping, aggression, and more.
  • How do I Use the Barks No More?
    When your dog is misbehaving simply get close and press the button on the Barks No More. When their attention is diverted and they stop the bad behavior then give them a treat or pet them as positive reinforcement for stopping and listening to you!
  • Is it Painful?
    No it is not, all it does is grab their attention similar to the way a whistle would grab your attention! It’s a commanding sound without being painful at all.
  • Does This Work For Dogs and Cats?
    Yes the ultrasonic frequency can be heard by both dogs and cats! So training for either one will be effective with the Barks No More
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